nos encanta deleitar el paladar

y queremos que tus platillos

lleguen a todos


para Restaurantes

¡Queremos impulsar tu marca!

Generar clientes nuevos es algo que nos preocupa a todos, sin las herramientas adecuadas puede no ser sencillo, en Thab Media contamos con las herramientas de marketing que te ayudarán a diferenciarte de tus competidores.

Todo esto mediante un proceso y una metodología para lograr objetivos en conjunto contigo.

manejo restaurante.jpg (2).png

Estudio de tu marca

Lo primero que haremos será ver los pros y contras que tiene tu marca, pasará por nuestro laboratorio y tendrás un estudio de las cosas que podemos mejorar y realizar para impulsar tu negocio.


¡Que tu marca resalte!


Resultados a corto, mediano

y largo plazo

Queremos duplicar el número de citas que recibes a través de publicidad en redes sociales y Google Adwords. Con base en tu presupuesto armaremos un plan estratégico para llegar a las metas trazadas.

Nunca estarás solo, iremos juntos

Nuestras publicaciones


El manejo de redes sociales está enfocado en crear contenido de valor para poder lograr engagement y puedas tener clientes interesados en tu marca, formaremos un equipo contigo para poder llegar a ello.

Creemos fidelidad con tus clientes

metodología (3).png

nuestros servicios

para ti

sitio web ideal para tu restaurante

Un diseño único y funcional para poder atraer a tus futuros clientes, con una programación dinámica y responsiva.


Manejo de redes

Cronograma semanal y mensual que ayudará a publicitar tu marca de manera orgánica y utilizando tu presupuesto de manera inteligente.


reservación en línea


Que tus clientes puedan reservar en tu restaurante con un solo clic.


menú en línea


Que tus clientes puedan contar con un menú fácil de acceder y con la calidad  que tu marca representa.

que tus clientes puedan realizar compras de manera segura


Tienda virtual para todos los platillos que tu marca ofrece, pagos seguros y al instante para comodidad de tus clientes.


Servicio de mailing


Hagamos llegar tus promociones y tu contenido de valor a la gente mes con mes.

publicidad tradicional


Todo lo necesario para que tu marca sea única, menús personalizados, tarjetas de presentación, volantes, hojas membretadas, etc.

¿Nos ayudarías a contestar una breve encuesta?

Preguntas más frecuentes

1. Freshness & Quality of Food

At MySixPak we only use the finest quality ingredients as our members deserve nothing but the very best nutrition possible. We never compromise on freshness in our meal plans, as a result of this promise we cook our food from scratch every morning, this way our food always reaches our clients bursting with flavour straight from the kitchen.

2. The Highest Levels of Saftey & Hygine

We are delighted to give our members the reassurance that we conform to the very highest health & hygiene standards. Our kitchen was one of the first commissaries to acquire the ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System Certification. Becoming certified to ISO 22000 allows us to continuously provide all our members with full confidence in our meal plans from a hygiene and safety perspective.

3. Value for Money

Our aim is to offer the very finest gourmet cuisine and nutrition possible for the best value. One way we do this is by providing our meal plans for less than it would cost you to prepare exactly the same food for yourself at home. For example, to buy the very same top quality, premium ingredients used in our meal plans from the supermarket would actually cost significantly more per day... this is because we purchase our ingredients wholesale and in bulk, as opposed to purchasing them retail and in much smaller quantities as most of our members would normally have to do. Then you have the expert chefs that design your menu & prepare the food for you, the professional nutritionists that design the composition & sequencing of the meals for you, not to mention the convenience of having a daily home delivery when and where you want it & no washing up! Plus you'll never have the wasted expense of throwing away ingredients in your fridge that have passed their consumption date.

4. Variety of Cusine

We make the most of our Master Chef's talents by innovating exciting new menus daily & weekly. This prevents our meal plans from becoming repetitive, predictable & boring which is the main drawback of traditional meal plans. We don't force you to choose from the same ingredients & meals each week, instead, our members experience the very best in gourmet cuisine & fresh new flavours on a daily basis.

5. Macronutrient Composition

We use expert nutritionists to create & tailor the meal plans for our clients. We help each and every one of our members to get closer to their well-being & physique goals. We don't provide a menu, instead, we allow our expert chefs & nutritionists to work together in fusing world-class cuisine with proven nutritional science.

6. Quality of Service

We pride ourselves on offering outstanding service levels to our members. Each member has a dedicated account manager who is on hand to take care of any alterations to the plan or questions. New members frequently join us from other meal plan providers where they've had poor experiences including late deliveries. We believe this is wholly unacceptable, especially for those of us who have tight schedules to manage each morning. At MySixPak we have a strict zero-tolerance policy with late deliveries. Quite simply... you tell us where you need your meals, specify your delivery window & we guarantee it will reach you!

7. Sustainability

MySixPak is the UAE's only 100% sustainable meal plan. In a bid to do our best for the environment and preserve the well-being of the UAE's ecosystem, we've removed plastic packaging from our plans. Our meals are lovingly packaged in sustainable, biodegradable containers.

8. Experience

MySixPak is one of the UAE's most successful and well loved mealplans in the region. Many meal plans have come and gone since we have been operating, however we have always stood the test of time due to the quality of our food and service. We also work with some of the most highly qualified nutrition specilistions globally within their field